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MoBile Capital is a developer and provider of advanced IT-solutions for banking sector and fintech companies.

Since 2003, MoBile Capital has been creating unique products as well as acting as a direct participant of markets of system integration, electronic payment systems, banking and terminal processing.

We develop software products based on both time-tested and innovative world-class practices.

The process of development is carried out on the basis of methodology of Agile software development and Scrum process framework as well.

We do stand-up meetings, plan iterations, keep a backlog, look back and analyze the work done as well as learn from our failures. Teamwork, help and support are the essential components for us in terms of work process.

Taking into consideration the scale of our projects and tasks, much attention is also being given to analytics developed by the entire team of high-class analysts. As far as this area is concerned we rely on IBM Rational Unified Process, apply Use case approach and UML as well.

We use spring framework for Java-based key applications as well as PHP for game programs as well. We also develop client applications for web and mobile platforms (Android, iOS). All codes are subject to code review. We use the sonar-robot to collect metrics and provide high-quality code.

High quality products are guaranteed by testing engineers who write test scripts and apply them as part of functional, load, or regression testing.

We use Jira Agile, Confluence Wiki, Git, Gerrit Code Review, Gradle, TeamCity Continuous Integration and other modern tools to provide process development and team work.

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